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92% of MBAs attending top-tier programs are eligible to write off their tuition on their taxes…

….And for those that do, the average total refund across the 3 calendar years affected is $19,342.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but for the vast majority of MBAs, there is a viable strategy to significantly reduce your tax liability!

MBA Deduction Explained

There are 4 IRS tax code rules that must be met:


Established in a business profession prior to starting your MBA


MBA courses enhance the skills prior to your MBA


Continue to use the enhanced skills after completing the MBA


The MBA cannot qualify you for the brand new profession

We’ve helped thousands of MBAs from almost all of the top 20 programs successfully and accurately write off their tuition.

Our team of experienced professionals has worked across every tax situation imaginable, even helping amend prior year returns if you neglected to write off your tuition in prior years.

Have more questions about the MBA tax writeoff?

Questions like, what types of expenses can I write off?

Will I be audited as a result?

Does this work for me as an International Student?

What Clients Say:

  • “Gene has been wonderful to work with in optimizing my tax strategy. In addition to reviewing and filing the current year, he amended a prior year to claim MBA tuition , resulting in a refund of almost $6,000. He is very responsive and the entire process is very smooth and easy. I will certainly be working with him again this year!”

    - Brian B.

  • “I used FileIt last year and the process was so easy! Not only were my taxes filed in record time, but Gene and his team were also able to pinpoint an error I had made when filing my own taxes the previous year (when I had used an off-the shelf online tax tool). I had recently graduated with my MBA and FileIt helped me to claim back additional refund from that prior tuition year, which resulted in a several thousand dollar refund! I was so grateful, and cannot wait to use their services again this year!”

    - Jennifer W., San Francisco, CA

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